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Updated: Dec 24, 2021

Once, while on my morning walk, I saw a man aim for the garbage bin and miss it. The default mode in me, made me pull a face. There was also the need in me to pick up the said article in order to bin it. However, on seeing that it was a tissue, I was reluctant and I turned away.

However, in the next moment, a thought occurred that at least he intended well. He intended to use the garbage bin to dispose of his garbage. He must have been just as disappointed and also very embarrassed at having missed his mark. Compassion was called forth in me.

I realised that it is the thought that counts. So, I smiled as I realised that the intent will soon overcome the laziness or the over-confidence or even lead to an improved aim the next time around. So, I wished him better luck for next time. I had the opportunity to practice gratitude, optimism and compassion as I looked for and found the positives in the situation.

When we are judgmental, compassion flies out of the window. We must remember that even God does not sit in judgement. He just says, "Never mind. You realise your mistake and that is good enough." So, who are we to sit in judgment? Instead let the compassion spring forth.

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