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How Our Dreams Manifest

The movie ‘Lucknow Central’ is an accurate portrayal of how dreams manifest. The protagonist is a young man, a dreamer at heart who creates a music CD. He aspires to achieve new heights by forming his own rock band. Hailing from a very humble background and belonging to a sleepy old village in the mofussil India.

This man sees his dreams getting crushed when he is falsely implicated in a high-profile murder. However, his dreams are very slowly and surely taking shape. They have been given a soul by his constant yearning. A concrete body to house his dreams is now being born. In jail, he manages to gather four like-minded individuals who wish to escape jail to be free birds. Under the guise of forming a music band, they give structure to their plans. Yet, life has other designs, as it is working to manifest his dreams. The plot is hatched to escape the clutches of prison. But the inmates so enjoy their performance that a crescendo is reached in their collective voices. He is enthralled to see his dreams come alive, manifested in flesh and blood. He is the reigning, in-house rock star. The Chief Minister wants them to win the ‘Jail Rock Competition’.

So he abandons the escape plan and returns to perform with his band and wins the award. The video of their act generates a lot of fame as it becomes viral. He flies the dual wings of fame and success. Now, he feels he can die in peace. When he surrenders to the divine directive, he not only sees the fulfillment of his dreams but also gets proven innocent. Now, he clears his name and tastes true freedom.

His incarceration was part of the divine plan so that he meets the four seasoned criminals who succeed in making a rock band together. Once you dream a dream, let it go. How it comes to pass, is not your concern. That it will be fulfilled is a given. Sometimes it is difficult to see how anything good can come out of a dire situation one has landed in, but in the best way possible, better than one ever dreamed of comes about.

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