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The Fabrics of Friendship

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Am I a practical, logical person? Of course I am! And I see the sham for what it is. Another friendship day!! A commercial ruse for the greeting card cum gift houses to rake in the moolah.

But, on one such Friendship Day, I kept aside the cold logic and side stepped the critic in me. I sifted through my phone- book and wished each of my friends, a 'Happy Friendship Day'. This triggered a huge onslaught of memories. The moments spent with each of them came flooding back.

Some are still a part of my present day reality and exchanges take place every other day. The realization of this blessing is not lost on me. They are an integral part of my life, my second family. These are like the yarn of cotton running through my life. The simple everyday stuff, but my life depends on them.

There are others who keep skimming in and out of my life. It’s a need-based friendship and we help each other depending on who needs what and when. These are seasonal friendships and enter and exit thus. They are akin to a raincoat or a sweater, a swimsuit or jogging gear.

There are yet others who have become mere faces on social media, but they too contribute to my betterment in various ways. A joke to fill my day with laughs. An appreciation of my new talent. A philosophical article to impart some wisdom to me, at times. A connection to the changing face of the world. Just like a scarf, a tie or a kerchief, adding value to the routine.

Some are new friends with whom I am unsure, of how things will pan out. These are raw and delicate, fragile-like threads of silk and satin. But, if the knots get hardy, the fabric is immaterial. Some survive and get added to my kitty of gems. Most fade away as easily as footprints on the sand.

There are yet others who were a part of beautiful moments, made only for some cherished memories. The friendships which got buried under the clouds of dust. These are the trunk of clothes I outgrew, but could never quite give away to charity. Either, the wheels of time took them further away or the continents and the commitments played truant. Treasured in the safe haven of my heart, I unravel them in solitude. As I longed to walk into the past, my eyes kept searching for a door to journey backward.

The futility of my impossible desires transported me back to reality with a jolt. I finally composed myself, wiping my teary eye. The memories are locked away in the dark closet of my heart as the necessity of this day dawns on me.

I happily make do with sending and receiving messages. Friends surely are cherished blessings. I realize that I am blessed more than most others.

I can almost always pick up the phone and find an enthusiastic listener, a lively interaction at the other end. There is always someone I can meet over a cup of coffee for just a tête-à-tête, some advice, a round of gossip, or a plain old belly laugh.

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