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I love the use of Arts Based Therapy as it is a fun- filled way to bring about focussed changes. The various modalities like games, songs, stories, music, rhythms, visual arts, drama, poetry, meditation and mindfulness are used actively to educate, inform and encourage introspection, build self-esteem and usher self-development and self- growth.

 Good Touch, Bad Touch Workshop for Children

 There is an emerging need for children to be educated about what feels uncomfortable in terms of touch, when dealing with adult acquaintances. The next step is to instruct them to deal with the same through concretely defined action steps. The use of stories, songs, games to use discretion and sensitivity to teach about a very taboo topic


 Using Stories for Relationship Management

Most relationships develop cracks because of the lack of communication, which causes misunderstandings to fester. The use of stories is an effective and foolproof way to allow participants to step into the opposite person's shoes and brings back harmony and happiness in relationships.


 Personality Development and Leadership Skills Development Workshop for Teenagers

Young students on the threshold of adulthood need exercises to build their character and groom their personality. This workshop helped instill confidence and self-esteem in tto make them winners and future leaders in society.


 Acknowledging the power of WORDS-
Workshop for Women

Words are very powerful in the way they condition our lives. From childhood, right through adult life, words shape our beliefs and hence define our destinies. The workshop brought all these beliefs into consciousness to empower all th women to change the direction of their lives


 Discovery Week for Children

Frederick Douglass said that “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Fun and games, stories, puzzles, meditation are usedto introduce concepts  such as emotional awareness, money-energy, mindfulness,  thinking out of the box, possibility games and mind-mapping to shape children's characters.

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