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The Bouyance of the Rubber Ducks

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Do you remember the rubber ducks that you played with in your bathtub as a kid? Bathtubs were huge aluminum or plastic utensils that Indian mommies used to store water, in middle-class households, which received only two hours of water supply every morning. Sometimes, when she felt particularly generous or when she wanted us kids out of the way, precious water was given to the kids to play and splash about. Invariably, we carried rubber ducks and put them into the bathtub. We then pushed the ducks underwater. But as soon as we let go, they sprang back up, to the surface of the water. How we squealed with delight. We eagerly repeated the pointless exercise and squealed longer and louder each time, clapping our hands in delight for good measure.

That's how we should approach life, no matter how many times it pushes us down and out, we should spring back into action every single time. Buoyance is one quality that will surely make you a winner. Squeal in delight as you are raring to go once again. Also, learn from your past successes; build on them. It's your very own repertoire of success. Nothing succeeds like success! But, in order to reach the pinnacle of success, you can never let failure bog you down.

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