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The Power of INTENTION

Today, let me take you to that familiar time of the year when most of us feel very happy, hopeful and motivated. Well, I am referring to the last few days of December. As we stand on the threshold of the new year, ready to embrace new beginnings, we never welcome it empty handed, do we?

No! Not at all!

In fact, we are armed with a whole platter of new year resolutions. We also sport a brand new will power, sure to see them through, in the new year.

But, a few days into the new year, the resolutions disappear in a puff of smoke...Yes, we have all gone through this cycle, year after year! Have you ever spared a thought as to why this unfailingly happens to us?

The main reason is that we set up all these goals, at the level of our conscious mind, using our cognition. However, there is something very important that we forget to consider, in all this planning that our brains indulge in.

"And what is this important thing?", you ask.

Well, the goal is just 1% or just 0.1%, (if I may hazard), of the entire process. The rest, that is the major chunk is... the journey that we undertake, in reaching from where we are now to where we want to be.

Hence, the pertinent question for us to ask is, how is the journey? The journey that will help us achieve our goals? Is there joy and happiness on this journey? Is this journey interesting enough? Does it satiate our appetite to learn something new? Does it pique our curiosity as to what lies ahead in the next few steps? How does it transform us, as we course through?

Yet, for most of us, the journey seems to be a drudgery, hence as expected, our plans lose steam. So, how do we make this journey interesting, happy and a value addition to our lives?

This is where power of intention comes in.

So, whenever you feel stuck and find it difficult to embrace a positive perspective, then; setting intentions could be the magic shift that you most need. Because your intentions support your goals from the inside.

Yes, I say this again, "your intentions support your goals from the inside."

Intentions help to focus on the learning, as we plod towards our goals. It is the fuel that keeps the desire to reach your destination, burning. It helps you to never lose sight of your goals and to never, ever give up on your dreams.

Intention and goals- What's the difference?

While goals are set at the level of the conscious mind, intention takes it to a whole new level. It involves the super conscious mind. It calls upon the Divine Intelligence or God or the essence of the Universe... call it by any name you will. Your subconscious mind is the doorway though which this Divine Intelligence gives you the strength to achieve your goals. It adds a much more potent dimension consisting of inspiration and intuition, to your journey.

Intention is putting your entire faith in God or the Universe. This faith is such that, there is an ever present knowing that the seemingly wrong path, is still the right one. That, even when people let you down, or when things take an unexpected turn, it doesn't matter. You just know, that there is some way you will get to where, you are actually meant to be!

Goals and intentions can be applied to small everyday stuff, as also to major life changing dreams or desires.

Let me give you a small example. I had to pick up my parents and the parking spot was a little further up from the vaccination center. When they called, I realized that the route I had planned to take, which was the most convenient one to continue onwards, was choc-a-bloc with vehicles. So, I just took the alternate route and lo behold, I saw my mom coming out of the wrong gate. Wrong route and wrong gate, yet it was perfect! Do you know how this happened? Well, I had just prayed for a magnificent outcome, before we started for the vaccination center. The Universal intelligence stepped in and now the wrong route become the right one. There were umpteen other blessings like, the rain co-operated and there was no rush at the center. I also got an easy spot to park. Basically, everything went off much more smoothly, than my plans could have ever made possible.

So you see, when you put your faith in the Divine Intelligence, you must be very open, to allow the Universe to come into play. You must be open to taking a route very different from the one you planned, as part of your conscious planning. Secondly, sometimes any life goals not aligned to your true inner purpose, might get altered or just fall away, as your vision changes to the desired goals that your soul or the Universe sets for you

One way to let intentions guide your goal is, through the use of simple prayers.

Just pray to the Universe or God to give you strength as you declare your intention.

Now, add a second prayer to offer gratitude, in advance, that your goal has been achieved.

You can build a little ritual around it, to get you into that space and that frame of mind. It helps to pick a quiet hour of the day, a secluded spot for your private tête-à-tête with the Universe. I have often found it easy to enter into this space, after a peaceful meditation session. The peace and calm that you feel will reassure you, that you have everything you need to achieve your goals. Please remember that sometimes, at this point, you might not have the slightest clue about how to go about achieving your goals. Yet, the calmness is your guiding light. Inspiration and intuition starts sending signals and slowly but surely, you would have achieved your goal.

Here's wishing that your goals and your life be guided by intention.

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