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The Positive Vortex

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

What is a vortex? And what is a positive vortex?

Well, A vortex is a swirling centre of energy. When this electromagnetic mass of energy is spiraling in an upwards, clockwise direction, it is called as a positive vortex.

There are several examples of such positive vortexes. Though the grammatically correct form is vortices, this word is rarely used. The most famous examples of positive vortexes on our planet are the great pyramids of Giza, the Stonehenge in England, Sedona vortexes in Arizona, Mahabodhi Tree, Bodhgaya, Mount Kailash in Tibet, Crater lake Oregon USA, Varanasi India, The golden temple, Amritsar, the Bosnian pyramids, Bosnia ( these are much older than the Egyptian pyramids), Machu Pichu in Peru.

These vortexes are thought to be conducive to healing, meditation, and self- exploration. There is an exceptional concentration of positive energy in these vortexes. Hence they are believed to promote good health and a peaceful mental state.

The idea of this name, came to me as an inspiration during one of my meditations. Lets make efforts to manifest a beautiful island of concentrated positivity. Staying within this positive vortex, we can raise our vibrational frequencies and elevate our consciousness. My humble wish is for all of us to further our journeys of self exploration and healing.

In contrast, a downward spiral in the anticlockwise direction constitutes a negative vortex. Is has been observed that in the midst of such negative vortexes, one can feel very sad and tired. It can sap you of all energy, and you might develop ill health and feel depressed. The Bermuda triangle and the Devil's Sea are examples of such negative vortexes.

Have you experienced that being around certain people can pull you down? Sometimes, you can easily explain this feeling based on this persons critical or pessimistic nature. But sometimes there is no clear explanation available. Similarly some places might have an aura of negativity or sadness about them. I distinctly remember the time when I was visiting the Taj Mahal. On going down to the site of the actual mausoleum, I felt extremely claustrophobic and rushed up the stairs again. I have never ever felt claustrophobic before or after this experience.

Coming back to our discussion on the positive vortexes, we might similarly experience that a certain person keeps us positive, strong and who is the only support system we ever need.

Is there a place that comes to mind which is divine and healing?

A place where we go and sit and immediately feel a sense of peace?

An activity that brings happiness and fills the heart with joy?

Is it some particular hour of the entire day which is ours to cherish?

Do you like to have a cup of tea, early in the morning sitting in your verandah, before the chaotic world has woken?

An hour which you spend in meditation or in nature? Just hearing the chirping of birds and the squirrels maybe? Are there certain songs, chants or mantras, hymns which uplift you?

I remember once when my music teacher asked me to sing something I liked. After my rendition, I opened my eyes and he said, it touched a chord with him, as it was truly close to my heart. The peace and joy I had felt from the Gurbani was felt by my guruji as well.

Today, ponder on these lines, and make a note of these people, places, activities, timings and/or songs which rejuvenate you. This is a list to fall back on, to help you identify what makes you positive and makes you stay positive. As you allow yourself to indulge in your positive vortex, you start to vibrate at higher frequencies, and raise your consciousness.

As you run through this list one by one, visualize the happiness, joy, peace, calm, well being that you have felt and give your heart felt gratitude for the same. Bring all the items from this list in to practical use, as these things constitute your own personal vortex of positivity.

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