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The Positive Vortex

All My Stories

All My Stories


Hi, I'm Bijal!
So good to have you here.  

Sowing the Seeds


I am just a gardener

I only sow the seeds

Watering the soil in earnest,

That's my tiny deed

Which one takes root and

Which one overtakes the weed.

That's not for me to know,

Neither should it be my need!

I am just a gardener

I only sow the seeds

The sun and rain, unfailingly

Must do their bit, indeed!

Sometimes the wind blows strong

Or makes music as gentle breeze.

Showering these benevolent blessings

The hand nurtures the seeds

I am just a gardener

I only sow the seeds


                    - Dr Bijal Maroo


Right from the initial years of my practice, I started observing many women who were smart, beautiful, intelligent and independent, but yet they chose to stay in abusive relationships. I repeadly questioned them to know the reason for taking such abuse.


Their helplessness and unwillingness to step out of these situations completely foxed me.This question nagged at me for many many years. Slowly I uncovered that the reason .......



My Podcast- The Positive Vortex


The Power of Intention

How to see beyond setting goals and achieving them

Many times we set goals and fail to achieve them. This results in tremendous frustration. Is it possible to change this myopical way of looking at life? Is this really the path to feeling genuinely fulfilled in life?

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